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Enter Sake Shuhari Sawaya Matsumoto

Enter Sake Shuhari Sawaya Matsumoto

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Junmai Daiginjo

Rich & Elegant

This sake is rich, fleshy sake with a nose of honeysuckle and lemon pith followed by white peach, ripe pear, and winter melon on the palate. It is slightly effervescent and lively on the tongue.

It has an incredibly long finish and pairs well with grilled meat or perfect just by itself.

The brand name “SHUHARI” comes from three distinct Japanese characters that relate to Matsumoto’s long legacy as a sake brewer:

SHU – to protect their existing tradition, HA – to continue to break new ground in sake brewing, and finally

RI – to separate and create a new taste of sake for the next generation.

Rice Milling: 50%

Region: Kyoto

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