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Heiwa Shuzou "Hon KID"

Heiwa Shuzou "Hon KID"

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Hon Kid Junmai Ginjo

Located in a valley in Kainan City, Wakayama, lies what was once originally built as a temple, but now stands as Heiwa Shuzou, renamed after the end of the Second World War.

(Heiwa translates to “peace” or “harmony”).

What does Hon mean? ‘Hon’ is used for Hon Maguro or Hon Wasabi - meaning original, authentic or essential. The KID brand was established to expand the sake fan base, wanting to introduce it to a new generation.

HON KID’s alcohol content is 13% and is therefore easier to drink for sake beginners. Heiwa Shuzou hopes that HON KID will help further the reach of passion behind the KID brand and the people who make it.

During the brewing process, they are making Koji’s fermentation stronger which leaves Umami but feeling less alcohol. They also melt Koji with steamed rice and ferment longer in a lower temperature. They are using Yeast 1404 and 1001 to express sharpness and sweetness.

Recommended pairing: Seafood, Brie

Recommended temperature: Best served chilled in a wine glass

SMV: 0

Rice Milling: 50%

Region: Wakayama

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