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Maboroshi No Taki "Mysatic Falls"

Maboroshi No Taki "Mysatic Falls"

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Junmai Ginjo

Mellow & Savory

The brand name “Maboroshi No Taki” refers to the mirage waterfalls that can be heard but not seen or precisely located due to the dense forest in the Mt. Tate area.

Tarnished silver color. Crisp, pear-like opening aromas give way with further aeration to grain-driven scents, including steamed white rice, soy bean, tofu , and milkweed.

The taste profile is lemony, sesame-like, dry, light in texture, lithe in character, delicate.

Aftertaste is stately, clean, dry as stone.

SMV: +3

Rice Milling: 60% (Toyama Gohyakumangoku & Tentakaku)

Region: Toyama

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