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Tatenokawa Foo Fighters Hansho Blue

Tatenokawa Foo Fighters Hansho Blue

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Junmai Daiginjo

Mellow & Savory

The Hansho Blue displays a gentle mouthfeel & delicate, balanced twinge of sweetness, awakening the palate, permeating the body & begging for another sip. Led by Dave Grohl, a known lover of sake, this exclusive collaboration reflects the band’s tastes.

This special Junmai Diaginjo features a unique brewing method that involved playing Foo Fighters songs during the crucial fermentation process.

Insipred by the title of their 10th album, “Medicine at Midnight,” this sake is named “HANSHO,” which translates to “Midnight Blue” in Japanese.

SMV: -1

Rice Milling: 50% (Dewasansan)

Region: Yamagata

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