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Afuri “Terra/Y” Yamahai Junmai

Afuri “Terra/Y” Yamahai Junmai

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Junmai Muroka Namagenshu

90% polished rice balances double the typical amount of Koji with the lactic acid production of Yamahai. The 40% Koji (starch to rice converting mold) gives layers of pine nut brittle and roast chestnuts.

The Yamahai breweing method lends earthy mushrooms and the highest grade Hyogo grown Yamadanishiki rice offers pineapple flavors often associated with Daiginjo. 

Rice Variety: Yamadanishiki (Hyogo)

Rice Milling: 90%

SMV: -14

Acidity: 2.4

ABV: 16%

Prefecture: Kanagawa

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