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Dom Perignon sake?

First of all, this title may be misleading or exaggerated.To be clear, Dom Perignon never created sake, nor did anyone else create "champagne sake". However, the keywords for the sake we will be introducing this time are definitely "Dom Perignon" and "sake".

The story begins with Richard Geoffroy, a Champagne legend who served as Dom Pérignon's fifth-generation chief brewer (chef de cave) for 28 years, taking on the challenge of making his own sake, which he has loved for many years along with champagne.

This had an even greater impact on the wine industry than the sake industry. I myself have been working in the wine industry for many years rather than sake, and the people around me in the wine industry were astonished (it was like Mr. Naohiko Noguchi quit making sake and started making wine).

That's what people in the wine industry, myself included, thought,“Richard probably makes sake like Champaign.” However, Richard said: “This is my pure love for Japan and sake.” He also said: “Sake is sake and should not imitate wine too much.” These words are unique to Richard, who is a master of Champaign and a lover of Japanese sake.