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Chikurin " Otoro" Namazake

Chikurin " Otoro" Namazake

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Junmai Ginjo Nama

Mild & Aromatic

"Otoro" is the spring release, unpasteurized version of the Marumoto Brewery's (the same producer of JOTO One Cup) year- round junmai ginjo.

"Otoro" comes from "toro", meaning a "deep eddy", and "O" makes something great or big in Japanese.

"Otoro"conveys the sake's depth and hints at the nearby Kamogata river.

"Otoro" is also a pun on high grade fatty tuna.

This namazake is bright and lively, showing biscuity aromatics and cherry, while grape aromas and flavors. Serve chilled with light foods.

Sake Meter Value: 0

Rice Milling: 50%

Region: Okayama

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