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Joto Daiginjo

Joto Daiginjo

Honjozo Daiginjo

Elegant & Fruity

In Japan, Joto Daiginjo is sold under the Maboroshi brand as their “white box” Daiginjo.

Maboroshi Daiginjo is made using an apple yeast that the brewery discovered in the 1940’s.

This is the least expensive of the three daiginjos in this line and is an incredible value for this level of sake.

Hints of crushed sage on the nose, spiced apple on the palate, finishes with a supple satin texture.

Serve chilled with elegant foods like fatty tuna, butter sauces, oysters, and custards.

Rice: Hattan Nishiki

Rice Milling: 50%

ABV: 16%

Region: Hiroshima


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