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Kamoshibito Kuheiji "Betsu Atsurae"

Kamoshibito Kuheiji "Betsu Atsurae"

 Junmai Daiginjo

Rich & Elegant

Betsu Atsurae is one of the three versions of Yamadanishiki polished above 50 percent. 

This rice offers unlimited possibilities due to its ability to be highly polished, like a diamond whose complexity reveals itself as you get closer to its heart. 35 percent is the stage where the rice umami still expresses itself, with taut acidity, which explains the fiery feeling in the mouth from the start. The residual sugar content has been deliberately reduced, which gives the sake a great clarity. 

Black pepper spice with a rich blend or umami notes and tingling acidity balanced with a super smooth body that holds incredible depth.

Rice: Yamada Nishiki

Rice Milling: 35%

ABV: 16%

Prefecture: Aichi


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