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Koshi No Iso

Koshi No Iso

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Junmai Ginjo Muroka Genshu

Sake of the muroka genshu variety (non-charcoal filtered, cask-strength) is typically only available to brewery staff. This muroka genshu made from Koshi No Shizuku, a crossbreed of hyogo Kita Nishiki and Miyama Nishiki sake rice is rich and full-bodied. 

Because it is non-charcoal filtered, it is naturally lightly hued.

The nose is very expressive and robust with scents of sweet and dry rice with subtle tropical fruit notes in support. The palate is in full accord with the nose delivering a rich, multilayered sake with depth and complexity.

Pairs well with hearty cuisine.

SMV: +2.0

Rice Milling: 50%

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