Iichiko Special

Is this whiskey? Is this shochu?

We do not care about categories. We want to find the best items that will surprise whiskey fans and propose new adventures that expand the possibilities of whisky.

Among Japan's mellow and aromatic distilled spirits, shochu, Iichiko is the most well-known and popular.

And the Iichiko Special is the best answer that "Iichiko" presents to whisky fans around the world.
By far the smoothest and lightest (ABV 30%) of many Japanese distilled spirits.

A blissful fragrance created by white oak and sherry barrels. The secret to the rich, soft flavor is probably barley koji (Kuraichi highly recommends several types of koji whisky).

Experiencing its scent and taste will create the happiest moments for you.

Tasting Note from Iichiko:
Complex, broad and savory on the nose with a balanced oak presence that brings spicy vanilla notes that complement rather than mask the base spirit.

Iichiko Special is subtle and smooth on the palate, with a roundness that reveals long-lasting chocolate notes for a powerful finish.