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Akashi Ume Whisky

Akashi Ume Whisky

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For those that are looking for something fruity, easy-drinking and unique, look no further than Akashi Ume Plum Whisky, inspired by the traditions of Umeshu (Plum Wine).

Freshly harvested, Japanese Ume sour plums are added directly to matured barrels of Akashi (white label) Whisky and aged for approximately 6-10 months depending on the season.

This balanced, sweet and savory whisky liqueur is a playful twist on a Japanese classic.

Akashi Ume can be sipped neat, on the rocks, served with soda or can be used as a modifier for cocktail recipes that calls for simple syrup or liqueurs. It's great for novice drinkers as well as experimental mixologists and everyone in between.

ABV: 30.5%

Prefecture: Hyogo


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