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Afuri “Kame-Ji: Wild Yeast” Sugiyamaryu Kamenoo

Afuri “Kame-Ji: Wild Yeast” Sugiyamaryu Kamenoo

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Junmai Namagenshu

Wildly floral, fruity and rich, this is for the Reisling lover.

Though 90% polished rice, the intense Ginjo-like aromas come from a wild, open fermentation near more traditional batches.

Kame-no-o (the turtle’s tail) is known as "phantom rice" because it was not grown for almost 100 years. 

Rice Variety: Kamenoo (Iwate, Pesticide free)

Rice Milling: 

SMV: -13

Acidity: 2.2

ABV: 15%

Prefecture: Kanagawa

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