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Dassai Beyond

Dassai Beyond

Junmai Daiginjo

After more than 10 years of planning and development, Dassai Beyond is a product that incorporates the best technology and knowledge currently available in all stages of the Dassai manufacturing process, from rice polishing, washing, koji making, preparation, and squeezing.

Dassai Beyond was created to surpass Dassai 23.

In terms of quality, it is not a more refined version of Dassai 23, but rather was created as something different while taking Dassai 23 into consideration.

It is characterized by its fragrant aroma, layered and complex flavors, and a long, pleasant aftertaste.

Rice: Highest Class of Yamadanishiki
Rice Milling: Beyond 23%
ABV: 16%
Prefecture: Yamaguchi

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