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Hyakunen Kijoshu "100 Year Project"

Hyakunen Kijoshu "100 Year Project"

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Junmai Kijoshu

And now, for something completely different...

Launched in 2011 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Niida Honke, this project will take 100 years to complete. Kijoshu is typically produced by replacing some of the water used during the fermentation with sake. This Hyakunen Kijoshu uses this technique but produces each vintage by using the previous year’s Kijoshu, rather than sake.

Light taste for a Kijoshu, with a caramel-spice and low acidity, with a fairly clean finish. A super special treat that is unlike any other Kijoshu. Look for toffee and brown sugar notes.

Rice: Yume no Kaori

Rice Milling: 80%

ABV: 16-17%

Prefecture: Fukushima


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