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Hyakunen no Kodoku - 100 Years of Solitude

Hyakunen no Kodoku - 100 Years of Solitude

Type: Mugi (100% Estate Grown Barley)
ABV: 40%

One of the most rare and sought after barley shochu in Japan, Hyakunen no Kodoku means “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and is named for the famous novel.

It is made from a mash of 100% barley, grown locally on the distillery’s own organic farm, white koji to keep the flavor smooth, distilled at normal pressure to preserve oils, then aged undiluted in oak casks for three to five years to help it develop structure and fullness.

The result is an intricate and delicate spirit, full bodied with strong toasty notes of barley and cereal grains.

Koji: White 
Prefecture: Miyazaki

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