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Jikon Junmai Daiginjo Tokuto Omachi

Jikon Junmai Daiginjo Tokuto Omachi

Junmai Daiginjo

Jikon/Kiyamasa Sake Brewery, which prides itself on tradition and innovation, has once again created a supreme Junmai Daiginjo using the miraculous sake rice "Tokuto Omachi."

This precious sake rice, "Tokuto Omachi," is extremely rare and grown by Farmer Iwafuji in the Akaiwa district of Okayama Prefecture. 

"Tokuto Omachi," a delicate rice, is usually polished to a rate of 80% or more, though for this sake it is polished to 40%. 

Because Omachi rice has not been selectively bred, this 40% ratio is astonishing, and was previously thought to be impossible.

Its deep flavor and smooth mouthfeel will add an extra touch of splendor to your noble moments.

Enjoy one drop of this supreme sake for a special moment.

Rice: High grade Tokuto Omachi from Okayama Prefecture
Rice Milling: 35-40%
Acidity: 1.5
ABV: 15.1%
Prefecture: Mie

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