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Katori 90 Namagenshu

Katori 90 Namagenshu

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Junmai Muroka Namagenshu

Robust & Savory

Seesaw sweet and sour flavor that grows and grows with each successive sip. This is a must-try sake and one of the select peculiar sake that can last months after opening and just keeps getting better!

The Katori 90 is made with local organically grown Koshi-Hikari rice which is a table rice variety often regarded as the best rice for sushi.

This Sake represents what Sake tasted like over a hundred years ago. Polished only down to 90% (remaining) leaving a majority of the grain intact including its fats, proteins and enzymes; providing the raw ingredients for a robust and full-flavored drink.

A very rice dominated aroma, the palate shows very bright acidity with a strong savory edge. The finish is long, dry and powerful.

Rice Variety: Koshi-hikari, Yukigesho
Rice Milling: 90%
ABV: 20%
Region: Chiba
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