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Kuheiji Kurodasho Tako 2019

Kuheiji Kurodasho Tako 2019

Faintly creamy aroma. An unbelievably smooth sake that one must imagine has a rice polishing high enough to grade as Daiginjo although the actual number is not revealed by the toji. 

Ghosts of savoriness and shadows of acidity haunt the palate, although the overall character is so smooth that any flavor appears as an echo, as if one's taste buds simply cannot process the complexity fast enough before the sake slips away. 

An incorrect usage of the term, but the concept of "Doppler Effect Sake" comes to mind when drinking this masterpiece of the Kuheiji terroir sake series. 

If one wants to try heights of elegance, quality and character that sake can bring, one must start here.

Rice: Grade-A Yamadanishiki
ABV: 16%
Prefecture: Aichi


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