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Saburomaru I "The Magician" Single Malt

Saburomaru I "The Magician" Single Malt

If you are an avid whiskey fan, you may be familiar with Ichiro's Malt's Trump Card series, which was released from 2005 to 2014.

This series, which was released in limited quantities of 58 types with label designs based on the patterns of playing cards, was priced at around 10,000 yen per bottle
when it was released, but now it is priced at an astonishing premium and is still extremely popular among enthusiasts.

The label design of the Saburomaru Single Malt Series, featuring pictures of tarot cards, is reminiscent of Ichiro's Malt's Trump Card Series.

Tarot cards have 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards, so it is not yet clear how many types this series will have. 

However, this smoky and rich-tasting whiskey series features tarot card pictures with a more unique design than playing cards, and is based on the concept of
"The Ultimate Peat", a blend of malt whiskey aged 7 years or more as the key malt, and is sure to become a rare collector's item as a series that can be said to be
a monumental milestone in Japanese whiskey. 

In Japan, it was launched in 2020, and so far, "Saburomaru 0 THE FOOL", "Saburomaru I THE MAGICIAN", "Saburomaru II THE HIGH PRIESTESS", "Saburomaru III THE EMPRESS" and "Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR" have been sold by lottery only to members, but all of them have already sold out in Japan.

This precious whiskey, which is no longer available for purchase in Japan, has been exported overseas and a small number of bottles are now available
in the United States.

Kuraichi will feature this rare whiskey series full of truly unique flavors as much as possible.

Saburomaru I THE MAGICIAN, released in 2021, won the gold award at the International Spirits Challenge 2022.

ABV: 48%
Prefecture: Toyama

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