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Terada Honke Musubi

Terada Honke Musubi

Hatsuga-Genmai Muroka Nama Genshu

Rustic & Tangy

Here’s a living example of what the earliest versions of sake might have tasted like!

This unique sake is made from completely unpolished table rice and brewed using the “bodai” method created by ancient monks.

The Terada Honke Brewery utilizes only organic rice and native yeasts, as well as uses their own in-house koji — a rarity in the sake-brewing world.

Like many old-school sake, Musubi is much more acidic than its modern counterpart.

Look for flavors more similar to a refreshing sour beer or Georgian orange wine, with a nutty finish that rounds it all out.

The toji produced this sake to be drunk almost medicinally, to help the bacteria in ones gut. Some even claim it can cure allergies!!

Rice: Koshi Hikari
Rice Milling: 100%
ABV: 11%
Prefecture: Chiba

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